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Civil Litigation/Personal Injury

Have you or your loved one suffered a serious injury from an accident? At Varcadipane & Pinnisi, PC, we have the experience, skill and dedication it takes to help you recover the maximum compensation permissible under the law for your injuries. We regularly litigate personal injury cases in New York and New Jersey in the Federal and State Courts and we have obtained millions of dollars in recoveries for our clients.
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Typically, “negligence” claims involve a person or company that has caused harm or damages to others because they failed to act reasonably. Generally, a party is liable if they act without reasonable care or fail to act when a reasonable person would have, and someone suffers an injury as a result.


If you have been injured by a dangerous or defective product or device, you may have a viable product liability claim against the company that designed, manufactured, distributed and/or sold the device. Product liability law typically allows an injured party to recover money damages if the injury was caused by defective design, manufacturing or marketing of that product or if the injury was caused because the product did not provide adequate warnings of known hazards.
If you believe you have sustained an injury as the result of a defective product or because the product lacked adequate warnings, the law may entitle you to compensation.


Professional malpractice is the action or inaction by a professional that violates the generally accepted standard applicable to that professional’s practice. Types of professional malpractice include: Medical Malpractice; Chiropractic Malpractice; Architectural Malpractice; and, Engineering Malpractice.
If you believe you have sustained an injury as a result of a professional’s malpractice, the law may entitle you to compensation.
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Types of General Negligence Cases include:

  • Slip and Fall Accidents

  • Construction Accidents

  • Construction Site Falls or Accidents

  • Wrongful Death Accidents

  • Automobile Accidents

  • Bicycle Accidents

  • Motorcycle Accidents

  • Boating Accidents

  • Head and Spine Injury Accidents

  • Burn Injury Accidents

  • Electric Shock Accidents or Electrocution Accidents

  • Dog Bite Accidents

  • Nursing Home Accidents

  • Train and Subway Accidents

  • $1,750,000 Recovery For New York Injury Client,Which Included $750,000 In Excess Of Insurance Policy.
  • $1 Million Dollar Settlement On Behalf Of A 10 Month Old Infant Whose Finger Was Partially Amputated By A Stroller.
  • $570,000 Recovery For NY Injury Client Who Required Surgery, Due To Negligence Of Maintained Sidewalk.
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