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  • New Jersey Electrocution Accidents on Construction Sites

    If you have experienced an electrocution on a New Jersey construction site, you need dedicated legal representation. The attorneys at Varcadipane & Pinnisi, PC have years of experience in personal injury matters and are here to represent your interests. Electrocution Accidents on New Jersey Construction Sites NJ Construction sites actually have the read more
  • NYC Defective Products and How Personal Injury Lawyers Help

    NYC Defective Products are in our everyday lives, it can sometimes seem like everything has a warning label. Of course, you wouldn’t use your hair dryer while taking a bath, but there’s a warning label advising you not to do this anyways. The reason that’s so is that if a product caused the injury that read more
  • Most Common Places Where Dog Bites Occur in New Jersey

    Dog bite victims may suffer severe muscle, nerves, blood vessels, or bone injuries. In addition, they may get other infections like rabies, tetanus, blisters, or boils. Unfortunately, treatment of some dog bites involves expensive reconstructive surgery, skin repair, medication, and regular doctor visits. That said, a dog can inflict a life-changing injury, read more
  • What Cause Head Trauma During Birth?

    Pregnant women look forward to safe delivery. Sadly, a considerable percentage experience labor complications leading to birth injuries. For example, a child may suffer head trauma during birth, leading to long-term physical or mental difficulties. Some effects of head trauma include behavior disorders, emotional problems, coma, hormonal imbalances, and read more
  • Common Injuries from Slips and Falls

    Slips and falls are common occurrences in the United States. In fact, they account for more than one million emergency room visits every year. You might think of a slip and fall as a minor accident, but in reality, these falls regularly cause serious injuries that require costly medical treatment. If you have been injured read more
  • Types of Plaintiffs in a Business Defamation Action

    What is Business Defamation Action? When we talk about business defamation action, we’re referring to the legal term defamation. Which is an untrue statement about someone or a business made to a third party that causes damage to that person or business’s reputation. To sue someone for defamation, you, the plaintiff, must: Meet the court’s read more
  • Are You Seeking Payment from Unpaid Promissory Notes?

    A promissory note is, by definition, an unconditional promise to pay money to another party. Seeing that a promise is unconditional, there are typically not many legal defenses to the non-payment of a promissory note. A promissory note is also a contract, and any party seeking payment of a promissory note should seek the help read more
  • Most Common Construction Accidents in New Jersey

    Construction is one of the most dangerous jobs out there. In the construction industry, there is actually an expression about the fatal four, which refers to 4 of the most common (and deadly) accidents that happen at construction sites: falling, being struck by moving objects, electrocution, and getting caught in machinery. Definitely, these accidents tend read more