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  • Most Common Places Where Dog Bites Occur in New Jersey

    Dog bite victims may suffer severe muscle, nerves, blood vessels, or bone injuries. In addition, they may get other infections like rabies, tetanus, blisters, or boils. Unfortunately, treatment of some dog bites involves expensive reconstructive surgery, skin repair, medication, and regular doctor visits. That said, a dog can inflict a life-changing injury, and victims deserve full compensation. A New Jersey dog bite lawyer can represent you as you seek to recover damages for your injuries from the dog owner or another responsible party. According read more
  • How Soon Do I Need a Tetanus Shot after a Dog Bite?

    If someone else’s dog bites you, it can be extremely disruptive to your life. Not the least of which is knowing what to do regarding your health and whether or not you need a tetanus shot. When it comes to the question of how soon you need to obtain a tetanus shot after a dog bite. If you do need one, the answer is as soon as possible. If a dog bite leaves you or someone you love injured, consult with an experienced dog bite attorney regarding your best steps forward. 

    Medical Professionals Can Get You a Tetanus Shot after a Dog Bite

    read more
  • How to Prevent a Dog Bite from Scarring

    Dog bites injure thousands of people every year, sometimes leaving them with long-term medical problems. One of these potential issues is scarring, which is always a risk when a dog bite punctures several layers of skin. When these bites are on the face or other conspicuous areas, scarring can have a significant impact on victims’ appearances and emotional well-being. In many cases, dog bite victims are entitled to compensation under New Jersey’s dog bite statute. As a result, if a dog has bitten you, you should talk to a dog bite attorney as soon read more

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