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  • What are the Elements of Strict Product Liability?

    Every year, thousands of people are injured in New York by defective or dangerous products, such as personal care items, medical devices, or even an auto mechanical error. The term “strict product liability” essentially refers to a seller or manufacturer being held responsible, regardless of intent, for selling or placing a defective product into the hands of a consumer.  

    What Are Different Types of Product Defects? 

    Under the strict product liability law, you must prove in a product liability case that the product that caused you an read more
  • How Many Insurance Claims Can You Make in a Year?

    Some people might file many insurance claims when everything seems to happen all at once. In a single year, you might have different types of damage to your vehicle or home, and you might wonder if you should file insurance claims for all of them. Is there a limit to how many claims you can file in a year? The law has no limitations on how many insurances claims you can file, and most policy agreements do not expressly restrict the number of claims either. However, there can be consequences to filing numerous claims within a short period of time. read more
  • Should You Accept a First Insurance Settlement Offer?

    If you have ever received a first insurance settlement or been involved in an accident, then you know the process of settling a claim can be a long and tedious process. In New Jersey, insurers are given 10 days from receiving a claim to open an investigation.   In this way, there are specific timelines that insurance adjusters need to abide by: First-party claims: 30 days from receipt of the claim to investigate and issue a payment Third-party property damage claims: 45 days from receipt of the claim to investigate and issue a payment read more
  • How Head-On Crashes Can Be Deadly?

    Head-On Crashes Can Be Deadly

    There are many types of traffic collisions and some result in more fatal or life-threatening injuries than others. Head-on crashes can often be deadly, and families should consult with an NJ Personal Injury attorney about their rights.  Car accidents are often dangerous, but head-on accidents can be particularly dangerous due to the high risk of severe injuries. If another driver’s negligence causes you or someone you love to be injured – or worse – in a head-on crash, don’t put off consulting with a read more

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