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Far too often, unsuspecting consumers in New Jersey and New York are taken advantage of, exploited, or deceived by a service provider, product, or corporation. In short, they are victims of consumer fraud. Unfortunately, this type of fraud has become commonplace and happens every day. The good news is that New Jersey has strong consumer protection laws in place to help create a fair marketplace—where consumers have rights and receive what they pay for. When this doesn’t happen, those who mislead or deceive customers will face penalties. If you’ve become a victim, our New Jersey consumer fraud attorneys are here to help.

The New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act

Consumer fraud or unfair trade practices laws are common in most states; however, the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act is known to offer some of the strictest protections in the country. Since 1960, this law has worked to “combat the increasingly widespread practice of defrauding the consumer.” Furthermore, it was modified in 1971 to give private citizens authority to enforce its conditions. It also allows law firms to pursue legal action on behalf of defrauded individuals. The New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act has three primary objectives:

  • Compensate the defrauded individual for their losses
  • Punish the seller and award triple the amount of remedies to the victim
  • Attract New Jersey consumer fraud lawyers by providing an incentive to represent a client with a minor loss 

Types of New Jersey Consumer Fraud

Consumer fraud can cause losses of thousands of dollars or even an entire life savings. The good news is that victimized consumers don’t have to walk this road alone. Our New Jersey consumer fraud attorneys handle all types of consumer fraud claims. Common types of consumer fraud include:

  • Credit card fraud: This billion-dollar criminal business has been highly successful. However, credit card companies now use an EMV chip, creating a unique transaction code that fraudsters can’t duplicate. This makes it much more difficult for thieves to defraud merchants and consumers.
  • Internet privacy violations: Personal privacy and data security are significant concerns for consumers who want to experience the convenience of functioning within the digital economy. Unfortunately, with this convenience comes the opportunity for criminals to steal and misuse personal information. Suppose your right to privacy has been violated. In that case, we can help you throughout the process of obtaining the justice and compensation you deserve under New Jersey state laws.
  • Home improvement contractor fraud: If you hire and pay a home improvement contractor who fails to do the work properly or to do the work at all, they have committed fraud. You have the right to hold them accountable for not upholding their end of your agreement and defrauding you. 
  • Identity theft: Thieves often steal personal information such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, or bank account numbers to commit fraud. By the time the victim understands what has happened, the damage is already done. A simple act of consumer fraud only requires a couple of minutes to empty bank accounts, apply for and secure loans, make charges to credit cards, and ultimately ruin a victim’s credit score and life. It’s critical to be vigilant about protecting yourself against identity theft, but sometimes even the best protections fail. In these cases, you need to seek the advice of experienced New Jersey consumer fraud lawyers.
  • Insurance fraud: Insurance companies may say a claim is unwarranted or uncovered. As such, they deny payment, especially after a life-altering event that requires a large sum of money. It’s quite common for insurance companies to do this. However, when they do, it could be an act of fraud that requires legal attention.
  • Investor fraud: Unauthorized trading, recommending poor investments, misrepresentations and omissions are all examples of investor fraud. While this may be unique from other types of fraud, it’s still illegal.
  • Mortgage foreclosure scams: These types of scams have unfortunately become increasingly popular since the COVID-19 pandemic. In this area of fraud, homeowners are coerced into mortgage modification schemes and other foreclosure prevention scams. In reality, they aren’t getting the help they need and lose their home as well as their good credit. Our team can help hold them liable for the harm they have caused.

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