What NOT to Do After a Car Accident

Jeff Varcadipane

October 11, 2021

What NOT to Do After a Car Accident

There are many tips about what to do following a stressful traffic accident to protect your rights, but did you realize that some things you do can also negatively impact your legal rights and options? You want to have the best chance at full financial recovery as possible, so you should always avoid certain things and discuss what happened and your injuries with trusted New Jersey car accident attorneys right away. 

Do Not Accept Any Blame

Car accidents are traumatic events, and the scene can be chaotic. Officers might be asking you questions while EMTs check out any possible injuries. Other drivers might be giving you their insurance information – or even pointing blame in your direction. Whatever you do, avoid any statements that might seem like an admission of fault for the crash. 

Sometimes, people might apologize out of habit, which makes it seem like they did something wrong. You might state that you “didn’t see the other car coming,” which could indicate you weren’t paying attention to the road. Instead, stick to the basic facts of what happened and don’t say anything more until you speak with an attorney. 

Do Not Try to “Push Through” the Pain

Many accidents victims think it is normal to feel sore, stiff, or “out of it” following a crash. They might decide to go home and stick it out, hoping the feeling will subside. However, these can all be signs of serious injuries, such as soft tissue injuries, whiplash, or concussions

If you feel any pain or unusual feelings, you should seek medical attention right away. Doctors can diagnose injuries that you might not even realize you have. This ensures you start treatment as soon as possible, as well as have a documented record of your injuries. If you do not have an official diagnosis soon after the crash, it can be difficult to prove those injuries to an insurance company. 

Do Not Accept a Settlement Offer Without Consulting with a Car Accident Lawyer

Following a crash, another driver might ask if they can pay you under the table to leave insurance companies out of it. This is never wise. You might not know the value of all your losses, and you should always follow the formal claim process to best protect your rights. 

If an insurance company contacts you and offers you a settlement offer right away, it might be tempting to take it. After all, you have medical bills and might have missed work and lost income. However, this is usually too good to be true, as the insurer is trying to convince you to accept much less than you deserve. Instead, always have an attorney review any offer before you accept it. 

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